John Sirianni or ""Patchogue Johnny" (Lead Vocals) has been playing the long Island club scene for over 35 years His passion for singing can be heard in every word he belts out....A drummer by trade since the age of 7, Johnny was influenced early on by Buddy Rich and Ringo Starr.  His singing influences were The Beatles, Little Richard, Roger Daltry "The Who", Ian Anderson "Jethro Tull" and Motown Soul. As a drummer/singer he has performed with The Citations, Jeannie & The Party Lights, The Urge, The Culprits, and currently sings with Out Of Nowhere. Always a crowd pleaser, Johnny makes the people feel like they have had the full musical experience with his High Energy & Powerfull Voice. Now with KILLIN TIME you can experience his full vocal attack and see why the crowd always wants more.

Walt Firman or “Walt Fingers Firman” (Lead/Rhythm Guitar/Vocals). Walt has over 40 years experience that includes his 1995 recording at Sony Records, The Long Island Music Festival and about 15 other local bands over the years where he wrote and arranged original songs that had air play on the radio. Walt still says that his biggest accomplishment is his award from the USA honors society where he produced and played in the “Rainbow Benefit Concert” that was hosted by WRCN and raised over $50,000 for disabled children across Long Island. Influences include Eric Clapton, David Gilmour and Boston.


Steve Spindler or "Stevie Wonder Spindler" (Lead/Rhythm Guitar/Vocals). Steve grew up in Brooklyn and spent his teen years through early 20's in numerous rock bands. Guitar and music are his life passion. He has been playing guitar for 49 years. Steve decided to do it all over again in 2004 and formed his own band, ultimately leading to his current position with Killin Time. His rhythm and lead guitar style have helped make Killin Time one of the fullest / tightest band's on the L.I. scene. Steve's greatest influence has been The Beatles primarily Paul McCartney as well as Eric Clapton, The Who, Billy Joel, Elton John and The Stones.

John Minichini or "Johnny Sticks Minichini", has been a drummer for almost 46 years. His influences include the Beatles, The Who, Elton John, Led Zeppelin, Billy Joel and many others. With so many years experience playing on Long Island, Johnny Sticks really holds it all together for Killin' Time. His playing is immediately recognizable as solid and steady. Just what is needed to re-create that classic rock and roll experience.

Gary Guagliardo (Bass Guitar/Vocals) Gary has been playing bass guitar since 1972. He played piano as a kid and learned bass to join his brothers band at the time. He's played with many bands including wedding, jazz, and rock bands. He attributes his love for music to his musical family (Dad & Brother Bob).Gary's major influences are the Beatles, Grand Funk Railroad, Steppenwolf and many others.

Jim Carlina or “Jimmy C” (Keyboards) began his music career in the year 1964 playing guitar for a local Brooklyn basement band.  His love of music, and all instrumental sounds brought him to keyboards in the late ‘90s. Jimmy enjoys all classic rock, and has a particular passion for the music of The Doors. His other influences include Stones, Beatles CCR Grand Funk, Santana and many others. In his spare time Jimmy enjoys re- arranging songs to different styles than originally recorded. He played in a number of LI Bands including his own (One Flight Up) before joining KILLIN TIME.