John Sirianni or ""Patchogue Johnny" (Lead Vocals) has been playing the long Island club scene for over 35 years His passion for singing can be heard in every word he belts out....A drummer by trade since the age of 7, Johnny was influenced early on by Buddy Rich and Ringo Starr.  His singing influences were The Beatles, Little Richard, Roger Daltry "The Who", Ian Anderson "Jethro Tull" and Motown Soul. As a drummer/singer he has performed with The Citations, Jeannie & The Party Lights, The Urge, The Culprits, and currently sings with Out Of Nowhere. Always a crowd pleaser, Johnny makes the people feel like they have had the full musical experience with his High Energy & Powerfull Voice. Now with KILLIN TIME you can experience his full vocal attack and see why the crowd always wants more.

Walt Firman or “Walt Fingers Firman” (Lead/Rhythm Guitar/Vocals). Walt is one of the original members and co founder. He has over 40 years experience that includes his 1995 recordings  Sweet Lies and Claim To Fame recorded at one of the top recording studios in the country. Playing  the Long Island Music Festival’s, Concerts and about 15 other local bands over the years. Walt also played many USO shows over seas for the troops while he served. Walt still says that his biggest accomplishment is his award from the USA honors society for his many years of raising money through concerts for the disabled. His attention to detail is shown on such lead work as Smooth and Black Magic Women by Santana or such classics like The Letter or Play That Funky Music. Influences include Eric Clapton, David Gilmour, Santana and Boston.

Paul Marotta Jr. Paul has been playing and studying drums for over 40 years with a great passion for playing drums and the joy of performing music with others, for others! Paul began playing drums at age 9, playing in Orchestra, jazz ensemble, stage band, marching band and pit orchestra. Thru the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s he has done some recording and has performed all over the Northeast with Wedding bands/Club date bands, Swing bands, Original bands, and Rock bands covering a wide range of genres of music. Paul is always in touch with the feel of the song, keeping the rhythm tight, and conveying the essence of the music to the audience.

Mike Zaffarano has played with some of the top musicians coming out of New York. Mike has a smooth full sound that can fill any rhythm section with crisp clear sound. Starting in the 70’s Mike knew what his passion was and what he wanted to do with that passion. When Killin Time was looking for another guitar player they had to look no further then Mike Z. Mike also does some lead work as well as some vocals and is a perfect fit for the high energy, high powered music of Killin Time.


Bassist George Gelish joined Killin' Time in February, 2016.  He is another veteran of the Long Island music scene.  George is a well-rounded player who has logged time in Rock, Country, R&B, Folk, Fusion, Funk and Wedding bands.  George's versatility also extends to his instruments - four, five, six-string and fretless bass guitars, in addition to upright bass.  Singing is also a big part of George's "game."  Having been lead singer in other bands, he brings his gritty, soulful voice to the Killin' Time lineup.  He anchors the band's backing vocals and sings lead on some well.

Ken S. (Keyboard) "Kennykeys"  has been associated with many Long Island bands through the years, including Voyager and Our Generation. KennyKeys  prides himself on recreating the original instrument sounds so prevalent during the sixties, seventies and eighties, including B3 organ, strings, electric piano and brass sections. He brings with him many years of musical experience to Killin Time. 

Mike-Quadrino (Saxophonist) Mike is a professional tenor and alto saxophonist born and raised on Long Island, NY.  Mike was handed his first saxophone at the age of 8 only because Sam Ash didn’t rent bassoons (Dad’s first choice for Mike).  The rest they say, is history. During his high school years, Mike lied about his age and played his first professional gigs with some of Long Island's finest local bands where the exposure led to a career as a freelance studio musician that continues to this day.  Mike was a staple in the Long Island local club seen for years playing at numerous clubs, concert halls, catering facilities, and regional events.  Mike's career culminated in the early 90's when he performed for 5 years with the Late Show Band... then the babies came.  After a brief hiatus (18 years) where Mike focused on a successful career in real estate and parenting, Mike is now back at it, loving every minute of his second childhood as he joins forces with one of Long Islands top party bands “Killin Time”.